Android app

Visual Design

I was part of the 2-man visual design team for eSkinCheck, from the SUTD-MIT International Design Centre. eSkinCheck is a mobile-based self-screening application to promote and facilitate the early detection of skin cancer.

The application aims to use image-recognition technology to assist people with diagnosing the risk of skin cancer in a low cost and timely manner.

To carry out self-screening, users need to capture the skin lesion area using eSkinCheck. Based on the captured image, machine learning-based algorithms are used to estimate the malignancy and to provide suggestions for follow-up action.

The app icon is designed to convey the subtle idea of a medical app related to the skin, without being too tacky and upfront. The visual feel of the application is clean and based in blue and green, in order to invoke trust and legitimacy. In designing the application, it was important to consider the user profile, which mostly consists of the elderly. Hence, the app has a low learning curve with the high use of iconography and colour cues. When delivering the results of the malignancy, the app is also highly sensitive to how diagnosis results were displayed, through the use of a colour spectrum instead of specific indicators, for example.